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Dollar to Lev Chart
American Dollar Bulgarian Lev (USD-BGN) 90 day daily candlestick chart on 21 Jun 2012
Dollar to Lev Chart Candlestick Paterns
Candlestick Pattern Start DateEnd Date Bear/Bull
Belt Hold21 Jun 201221 Jun 2012bullish
Long Line21 Jun 201221 Jun 2012bullish
High Wave20 Jun 201220 Jun 2012bearish
Doji20 Jun 201220 Jun 2012reversal
Long Legged Doji20 Jun 201220 Jun 2012bullish
Rickshaw Man20 Jun 201220 Jun 2012bullish
Spinning Top20 Jun 201220 Jun 2012bearish
Engulfing20 Jun 201221 Jun 2012bullish
Matching Glow19 Jun 201220 Jun 2012bullish
Short Line17 Jun 201217 Jun 2012bullish
Doji17 Jun 201217 Jun 2012reversal
Short Line16 Jun 201216 Jun 2012bullish
Spinning Top15 Jun 201215 Jun 2012bearish
Hikkake14 Jun 201218 Jun 2012bullish
Hikkake13 Jun 201217 Jun 2012bullish
Harami11 Jun 201212 Jun 2012bearish
Long Line11 Jun 201211 Jun 2012bullish
Dragon Fly Doji10 Jun 201210 Jun 2012bullish
Hammer10 Jun 201210 Jun 2012bullish
Long Legged Doji10 Jun 201210 Jun 2012bullish
Dollar to Lev Forex Market Trend
Moving Average Indicators
Date Price 5 day 10 day 30 day 120 day Short Term Trend Long Term Trend
21 Jun 2012 0 1.544224 1.55032 1.558571 1.477629 Sell No Trend
Relative Strenght Indicators
Date 14 days Trend
21 Jun 2012 45.61535 No Trend
Stochastic Indicators
Date Fast (%K) Slow (%D) Trend
21 Jun 2012 30.886509 24.528362 Buy
Dollar to Lev Today
Trade Time Last TradeChange BidAsk Previous CloseToday's Open High Low 52 week Range
4:09:37 pm GMT 00 1.44621.4512 1.43611.4343 1.45 1.4342 1.4102 - 1.5368
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